Wing Foil

1H Wing Foil Private Lesson

1H Wing Foil Private Lesson



The Wing Foil is the newest trend in the foiling world, and we are sure you have heard from it by now. This sport is a combination of windfoiling, kitefoiling and surfing. For the ones with experience in any type of foil sport this variation will not be too hard to learn. The Foil Wing is taking foiling in a new direction where the only boundaries are your own imagination. Jump on one of our wingfoil sets and be amazed by the freedom and the surf feeling in flatwater or in the waves



Step 1 (wing handling):

After a short theory that includes the most necessary that you need to know about the wind and water, you will learn to use the wing in a short time. You will learn how to carry the wing, steer it, turn it and thus "catch" the wind


Step 2 (wing surfing):

A short time later we go into the water fully equipped with neoprene, life jacket, wing and a large SUP board  Now you can refine the handling of the wing on the water and surf for the first time in light wind and smooth water. You will be surprised how quickly you make progress and surf independently after a short time.

Step 3 (wing foiling):

Now we put all the steps together, you will now learn to handle and control the wing on the foil board and will soon be flying alone over the lake driven by the wind, without a motor and almost no noise, very light and almost weightless.

Now you're a wing foil surfer! Congratulations!!


Our wingfoiling lessons take place at one of two spots around Portimão/Alvor

Ria de Alvor - this amazing lagoon offers great conditions to wind water sports. May be the best in the Algarve. You will feel safe among this shallow waters with plenty of water to make your first rides. 

Praia de Alvor - with offshore wind, we do more advanced lessons here. with great support, we have plenty of space to ride and upgrade your skills!

- You need to bring a bathing suit to wear underneath the wetsuit, a towel, some water, some sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses - we provide everything else.

- We advise 2h for private lesson.

- We recommend one lesson per day as it gets tiring and we need you focused to learn efficiently.

- We set the time of your lesson the day before accordingly with the latest update of the wind forecast - you will get a notification.

- It all depends on the wind so we all have to be fairly flexible.

- Please arrive minimum 15min in advance.

- We ask a 25€ deposit by banktransfer to garantee your lesson. Deposit will be paid back if there is no wind or too much...

-For a top experience and safety lessons, we don't take more than 2 students each lesson.


Lessons with private equipment: the fastest way to progress. If you are fit and want to take the highway to success, then having the ability to repeat try after try is what you want to do. Of course, taking a rest is always possible but you’re the one who decide when and how long you do it.


Lessons with shared equipment: the perfect opportunity to learn how to wingfoil in Portugal with someone you know. Take turns using the wing foiling equipment every 15 to 20 minutes and get the time to rest and observe what your friend is doing. We guarantee that your next attempt will be better.




80€ p/ pax

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