PRANCHA DE SURF SEMENTE VINTAGE MODEL 5´5" x 19"5/16 x 2"3/8 26.5L

5´5" x 19"5/16 x 2"3/8 26.5L

The base for this design originated from a little afternoon session in the shaping bay with Nic Von Rupp. Nic had been after us for a while to go off the grid and create a fun little board with a mix of old and new school ideas. We sat down and designed a little 5’6” with an old school outline pretty wide all around only tightening more in the tail with the help of an old school fluked wing. The board carries a lot of floatation and width up front which makes it a dream to paddle and gives it amazing projection. The rocker is pretty flat along the stringer but runs quite a bit of curve on the rail line due to a deep concave and a vee release tail (the new school side). When we finished, the base shape the board had channels written all over it! So we carved 4 channels and called it a day. Nic threw the board in his boardbag on a recent Indo trip and raved about the results claiming it to be one of the sickest boards he had surfed in years. This board is available with or without channels and can be surfed as a quad or 3 fin. We are using one of our Vintage decals on this one. Amazing creations come from afternoons spent with gifted surfers like Nic Von Rupp.

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Sizes 5'5 "to 5'10"
Widths 19 3/8 "to 19 15/16"
Thickness 2 3/8 "to 2 '11/16"

€ 545 p/ Un
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